ytph Looping Pool




Yumi Takeuchi  and  Paul Hommage




2020.6.19 Fri – 7.5 Sun




”分からないギャツビー” animation loop 2020



”分からないギャツビー” animation loop 2020




“分からないギャツビー” animation original drawing 2020





“White Dream” video installation 2015


“White Dream” video installation 2015









“A girl is playing in a forest lake” carbon, paper 2020


”Ricochets on the water” carbon, paper 2020



“The lake is full of light but the forest looks darker” carbon, paper 2020



“Branches and leaves of trees move in the wind” carbon, paper 2020








“Her feet in the water” carbon, paper 2020


“Suddenly, she walks on something” carbon, paper 2020


“The girl feels a tiny pain and looking at her foot…”













“Metamorphic Stone” (Correspondence series)



“Sleeping Caryatids” (Correspondence series)


“RAP RAP RAP” (Correspondence series)